???? Jacqueline Novogratz: Towards a Moral Revolution

On Being Podcast vom 21. Mai 2020

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Das, was wir „soft skills“ nennen, sind in Wirklichkeit die „hard skills“: Empathie, Zuhören, vulnerability, holding opposites and tensions. 

Let’s build something that’s affordable, that‘s beautiful, that’s useful, that lasts. Let’s figure out how to finance it. 

We don’t only need new business models, but we need to celebrate new role models. 

The new Golden Rule: Give more to the world than you take. 

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  • Vgl. The Gift Economy

The opposite of poverty is not wealth but dignity. 

The power of a fair market place, where people can actually have choice and dignity over their own lives… that’s revolutionary. 

You have to get close to the people that you want to serve. You have to understand their problems. 

Love actually is about caring so much that you want other people to succeed. That is hard to do. 

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