???? Jesse Krieger: Lifestyle Entrepreneur (2014)

Leider ein enttäuschendes Buch über das Phänomen „Lifestyle Entrepreneure“, das mir so am Herzen liegt.

Gelesen: März – April 2019

Lifestyle Business ≠ Digitales Business, Online Entrepreneur, Digitaler Nomade

  •  Das sind ganz verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen

Definition Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  • „Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is about pursuing your passion in creative and engaging ways and launching businesses that amplify your interests and support your ideal lifestyle. It’s about learning what you need to know, to do the things you’d love to do, so you can ultimately be the person you aspire to be.” (S. xvi)
  • „It means stepping up and taking responsibility for creating the life you want to live, and it means embracing a culture of life-long learning. […] As an aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneur you will first seek to know your own mind and heart.” (S. xxi)

Es gibt (von ihm?) eine „Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy”. (S. xvii)
Bringing it to being

  • „Your mission is to define and design an interesting lifestyle and to step into the role of entrepreneur to bring it to being.” (S. xviii)

The best way to true understanding

  • „The best way to true understanding is to assume the role of the teacher.” (Jim Stark) (S. 6)

 Fear of a life half lived vs.Fear of rejection (S. 30)

  • Das ist ein Grunddilemma vieler Lifestyle Entrepreneure: Ich will, aber ich kann nicht…

Creative Constructs

  • „Once you’ve defined a Creative Construct that suits you, costing it out and planning logistics becomes possible. Simply going through the planning process brings your dreams into focus and often times they are a lot more affordable and accessible then we initially believe.” (S. 34)

In the context of making money

  • „Ultimately, Lifestyle Entrepreneurship is about integrating your interests and exploring your passions in the context of making money […].” (S. 47)
  • Im Unterschied zum Hobby, wo der Kontext nicht Geld ist.

Your pot of gold

  • „Your vision statement describes the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; ist is the idea of greatness you possess […].” (S. 50)

Truly adding value

  • „If you are not truly adding value with your product or service and making clients comfortable doing business with you, eventually your business will unravel and fail.” (S. 53)
  • Adding value + comfortable doing business: Es braucht beide Komponenten!
  • vgl. Hubert von Goisern: guat und liab

Value creation braucht immer (zuerst!) eine value proposition!

  • „The value proposition you make to customers largely determines the questions they will ask in the sales process.” (S. 69)

Good practice für den Cash Flow

  • „Don’t pay until you really need it. Any service you use should be free, low cost or pay-per-user.” (S. 158)

Jesse Krieger: https://www.jessekrieger.com

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