???? Jessica Hagy: How to Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps) (2013)

Ein liebevoll gestaltetes Buch. Meine reinen Text-Auszüge werden dem natürlich überhaupt nicht gerecht.

Roll the dice

“How far to go? Roll the dice. Seven blocks it is. Take the train? Roll evens and buy the ticket. Two dices can take you practically anywhere and save you lots of time on unimportant decisions. Keep them in your pocket. They’ll help you keep things interesting.” (S. 6f)

Involve others

“You’ll need help. You’ll need advice. You’ll need allies. So you have to tell someone how you feel and what you’re up to. Let people in on what you’re doing. They will champion and support you more than you ever imagined, and mock you less than you fear.” (S. 62f)

Spend money like it’s worth something

“Who gets your cash? Where do you get it? What people and companies are involved? Do you agree with their politics, practices, and behaviors? And is that all okay with you? If not, know you can always make change with your money.” (S. 112f)

Find the fulcrum

“Below the obvious, behind the superficial, under the excuses and facades, you will find the crux of the matter. Work from that point. Proper leverage gets a hell of a lot of work done.” (S. 126f)

Be a sidekick

“To everyone you meet. Be the helper, the adviser, the assistant the hero cannot do without. Fame and value aren’t as closely related as you think.” (S. 154f)

Investigate the obscure

“Revive forgotten stories. Read old books. Dust off forgotten trends. Listen to rare music. You might find your favorite thing hiding in the woodwork.” (S. 208f)

Accept friction

“You don’t want to impose. You may shy away from making waves. You may feel like you couldn’t dare to ask for what you need. You need to get over that.” (S. 218f)

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