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Akimbo Podcast vom 8. Mai 2019

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Seth Godin beantwortet eine Frage zum Thema Fokus:

„As someone who likes opening so many things and starting new things, I tend personally to start one too many or five too many projects, and then I find myself overwhelmed. What advice can you give on that?”

There is a little bit of a confusion about what our work is. „Too often people struggle to find ideas, to find creative solutions to existing problems. And so, if we are in a position where we’ve done the work to find one of those solutions, it feels like we’ve done the work.“

Und deswegen passiert es, dass wir immer und immer wieder etwas Neues anfangen, „bouncing from one to another. Happens to me all the time.“

„One of the reasons I have a blog is so that I can take an idea and get rid of it as opposed to carrying it around with a briefcase full of other ideas.“

„But here is the thing: The work isn’t coming up with the idea. The work is shipping the idea. What we have to measure is not what we are working on. We have to measure what we have shipped. What doors have we opened? What generous solutions have we brought to the world?“

„So it’s work because it takes discipline. The emotional labour of sticking with something when another idea is more attractive, when another idea is shinier.“

„So I am regularly reminding myself of this: Real artists ship. Real artists show up and make things better.“

„And it will not work the first time or the fifth time or the tenth time. This idea of generous persistence — not on your behalf, but on behalf of those you seek to serve — that’s at the core of the best work we are able to do.“

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