???? Steve Dotto: Beyond Coping, with Mark Schaeffer

„Grey Matters“ with Steve Dotto, GM33, 25. März 2020

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Be aware of your own internal emotions

  • „Grieving process“: We want to go back to „normal“, to „business as usual“

„We have to re-imagine our business – for this moment. Our customers are in crisis, our customers are grieving, our customers are in chaos. Our customers are literally mourning the incredible losses they are having – in their lives, to their families, in their relationships.“

What are the skills and core competencies I have that can apply in a RELEVANT way TODAY?

  • We can’t continue to run our businesses based on the world we wished for.
  • We have to run our businesses (our content etc.) based on the world that is.

We need to extend a lot of grace to people: Everybody is trying, even if they are annoying with the content they are producing.

We will always remember how we treated our customers in these times of crisis. We will all get to the other side, but we will never forget if we were treated badly now.

It is an opportunity to step up. We can help our clients if we ask them: How can I help?

It’s not a good idea to start something new as a reaction to the crisis. If you planned to start something already, if it is strategically right… go ahead! But if it is just a reaction to what is happening, it’s probably going to get lost in the noise.

  • We’re going to have a lot of „content babies“ in 9 months time: Podcasts, blogs, books… as a reaction to the corona crisis.

Buch von Mark Schaefer: „Marketing Rebellion: The most human company wins“

  • Small businesses can move. We can reinvent ourselves within an hour.

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