???? Zoi Georgie: Ignite Your Inner Power (2021)

Das erste Buch einer erstaunlichen Frau, die ich auf ihrem Weg in die Selbständigkeit begleiten durfte.

Fokus ist eine Entscheidung (S. 16)

  • „I believe that you need to stop trying to do everything and focus on what is really essential in order to make your maximum contribution towards achieving your goals. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to have too many priorities. Improving, growing and evolving requires first and foremost a decision about what is important in life and work.“

You don’t want to be hurt (S. 23)

  • „Because this is not an easy process and because the things you may discover about yourself may hurt. And you don’t want to be hurt. You want to stay comfortable.“

Have fun (S. 125)

  • „When was the last time that you remember having fun? If you can’t quite remember, then no wonder you feel exhausted, so out of energy. Never underestimate the importance of having fun. Because having fun gives you more energy than it takes. Making the effort to regularly have fun can have a huge positive impact on your health and your overall well-being.“
  • vgl. Jim Collins: If we can’t make it fun, dann sollten wir es besser ganz bleiben lassen.

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