???? Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen: Renegades — Born In The USA

Ein großartiger Podcast!

1: Our Unlikely Friendship

Bruce Springsteen über seine Schüchternheit als Antrieb:

  • “I wouldn’t say that most people in my business… but shyness is not unusual. If you weren’t quiet you wouldn’t have so desperately searched for a way to speak. The reason you have so desperately pursued your work and your language and your voice is because you haven’t had one. And you understand, you realize that. And you feel the pain of being somewhat voiceless.”
  • “[And so the performance] becomes the mechanism from which you express the entirety of your life, your entire philosophy and code for living… and that was how it came to me.”
  • “And I felt previous to that I was pretty invisible and there was a lot of pain in that invisibility.”

7: Fatherhood

Bruce Springsteen darüber, wie er gelernt hat, als Vater für seine Kinder da zu sein:

  • “So, when I was working, instead of thinking Oh, I’m so busy now thinking great thoughts I don’t want to be disturbed I stopped anytime he [Evan] came in or any of the children came into my room I stopped working. The only way to teach him that no wasn’t the answer was for me to start saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes over and over and over again.”

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