???? Bosco Anthony: The X-Factor is Content Distribution

Grey Matters Podcast #45, 15. Juni 2020

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„Content distribution is the reason why marketing campaigns fail.“

Die meisten Content Creator stecken all ihre Energie in die Erstellung ihrer Contents – und dann noch maximal zwei Distributionswege:

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Their digital channels

„We fail at publishing.“ „We spray and pray.“

Wir müssten viel mehr wie Medienhäuser denken und alle Distributionskanäle nutzen, also z.B. auch:

  • Repurposing of content (machen noch die meisten)
  • Building a campaign: Landing pages, click funnels, tracking
  • Finding partners with high following (affiliates, whitelabeling)
  • Targeting influencers with large audience bases (z.B. Celebrities)
  • Exposure points like magazines, groups, Menschen mit großen Blogs bzw. e-Mail-Listen (z.B. Dariadaria, Stadt-Spionin, große Podcaster, Youtuber usw.). Mit diesen „Medienhäusern“ muss man über lange Zeit eine langfristige Beziehung aufbauen.
  • Paid media: Youtube, Facebook, Google etc.

⇒ JEDES davon bedeutet für mich Great Teaching Opportunites!

Dafür braucht es ein Budget!

  • „Here‘s something most people will not tell you: Your content campaign is designed to fail if your company doesn’t empower you to distribute that content.“
  • vgl. Bob Lefsetz: Distribution is king (und nicht mehr: Content is king)

Steve Dotto: „We really don’t create any fire-and-forget content anymore, do we?“

Steve Dotto: „We were always taught that we would be rewarded for good work. So you create a good video […], and now we expect as a result of that that when we go to publish this the Internet Gods will smile benevolently upon us and bequeath us with thousands of views and downloads because we did a good job. Well done – but it doesn’t work that way. […] That’s the beginning of it. Now we have to make sure that people watch it. […] Otherwise we are wasting our time by creating good and compelling content.“

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