???? Elizabeth Gilbert: Choosing Curiosity Over Fear

On Being Podcast aus dem Jahr 2016, ausgestrahlt am 24. Mai 2018

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Nicht der Leidenschaft folgen, sondern der Neugier. Die Neugier ist dein besserer Freund.

  • „Curiosity is our friend that teaches us how to become ourselves. It’s a very gentle friend and a very forgiving friend – and a very constant one. Passion… is not so constant, not so gentle, not so forgiving and sometimes not so available. We live in a world that has come to fetishise passion above all. There’s a great deal of pressure around that.”
  • „Curiosity is an impulse that taps you on your shoulder very lightly and invites you to turn your head a quarter of an inch and look a little closer at something that has intrigued you. It may not set your head on fire. It may not change your life. It may not change the world. It may not even line up with previous things that you’ve done or been interested in. It may seem very random and make no sense. I think the reason people end up not following their curiosity is because they are waiting for a bigger sign. Your curiosities sometimes are so mild and so strange and so almost nothing. It’s a little trail of breadcrumbs that you can overlook if you’re looking at the mountain top waiting for Moses to come down and give you a sign from God.”

Curiosity gives you clues. It doesn’t necessarily give you a destination at all.

  • „And here’s the thing: Sometimes following your curiosity will lead you to your passion. Sometimes it won’t. And then guess what – that’s still totally fine! You’ve lived a life following your curiosity. You’ve created a life that is a very interesting thing, different from anybody else’s. Your life itself then becomes a work of art – not so much contingent upon what you produced but about a certain spirit of being.“

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