???? Elizabeth Gilbert: It‘s an honor to be given an idea

The Tim Ferriss Show #430 vom 8. Mai 2020

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„I really do feel — and you know this if you’ve read Big Magic, that ideas come to us from a very mysterious outer source. And by mysterious, I mean we will never know why it is that ideas are formed. That ideas as I like to think of them — ideas are these bodiless gigabytes of consciousness and they have desire and they have will and they want to be made manifest. And anyone who’s ever had an idea knows this. The idea itself has an urgency to it. It wants to be born, it wants to be nourished. It won’t leave you alone. It’s waking you up in the middle of the night. It’s nagging at you. It’s sending coincidences to you and serendipitous reminders of it and it just starts to become sort of an obsession. It’s almost a viral infection of an idea coming to you and taking you over.“

„I think it’s such an honor to be given an idea, especially if it’s a halfway decent one that I feel like my life is in service to that. And when I don’t have an idea and I don’t have a thought for a book, I think of myself — the image that I hold of myself is literally of a servant. Like one of those very proud British servants who doesn’t see their servitude as being demeaning. Sees it as a great craft, a great skill to be a good servant. I see myself in uniform, white gloves, hands behind my back, standing outside the door of the muse at attention waiting. It’s not passive. I’m waiting for the next idea to come and so that I can be of service to it and be ready for it when it arrives. So there’s a certain humility in the research process too, of just, I’m just working for the mothership and I don’t know what the mothership is. I don’t know where the ideas come from, but I am a grateful servant to it.”

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