Lefsetz lessons


Bob Lefsetz hat unlängst einen interessanten Newsletter ausgesendet, in dem er seine lessons aus der letzten Zeit geteilt hat. Neben Tipps zum Autokauf (niemals ein italienisches, am besten Lexus!) gab es auch ein paar wirklich interessante, nämlich:

  1. Image is intrinsic, not external. No one cares about you. Stop spending money to keep up with the Joneses.
  2. When something is cheap, buy the best, it’s much more satisfying. You can buy packaged cookies, or you can buy gourmet cookies from a shop and be elated.
  3. Reading and writing are the building blocks of a great career. You must be like a shark, you must keep learning or you calcify and die.
  4. Just because you love it, that doesn’t mean you’ll make any money doing it.
  5. Making money is a skill. Learn it, or work for the man.