???? Seth Godin: How much are you willing to pay for an audience?

Aus den Hörer-Fragen zur Akimbo Podcast-Folge „Entrepreneur’s guide to trademarks“, 10. Februar 2021

Wie man als Bootstrapper an ein Business herangehen soll, wenn man praktisch keine Ressourcen hat: „Find clients who are easy to find and ready to pay you for the work you are going to do.“

Oder, anders ausgedrückt:

  1. Find a market that knows it needs you.
  2. Charge them appropriately.
  3. Give them more than they pay for.
  4. Repeat.

How much are you willing to pay for an audience?

  • „Because audiences rarely come free.“
  • Die Kosten: „It might take time, it might take sweat equity, it might even take money.“
  • „You might have to compromise what you want to talk about. You might have to focus on topics that don’t interest you so much. You might have to adopt a voice, a point of view, that the audience wants, not that you want to share.“
  • „If you are not willing to pay any of those prices, if you want to make the blog you want to make or the podcast you want to make or the book you want to write, then that’s what you should do. […] And it may be that ten listeners get you twenty listeners get you a hundred listeners and then you’re on your way – but maybe not.“
  • „On the other hand, if you’re willing to pay to get people to listen to you, then go do that – not with money, but by understanding who it’s for and what it’s for. By showing up for the right people in the right way that makes them want to listen — and even more important — want to tell the others. Because as soon as we start doing it for the audience, we engage in a bargain. And the bargain is: For people who want this, I have this. Come, here it is.“
  • „If you can’t make that bargain, it really pays to say: „This is a blog for me. This is a podcast for me. This is a book for me. I wrote it in my voice, for me to read it. And if you want to, please feel free, but this is for me. Nothing wrong with that. And if someone listens to it, that’s fine, but it’s not for them, it’s for me.“