🎙 Shelli Varela: How to Find Your Story & Connect to Your Audience

Nick Murphy: The Parentpreneur Podcast #013, 11. Februar 2020

„You can’t steer a parked car.“ Also mach was. 

Story is simply a bridge for transformation. 

Signature Story vs. toolbox of micro-stories (vgl. Your arsenal of stories), die bestimmte Aspekte illustrieren 

Story -> What is the meaning of what happened to me?

There’s a difference between saying something that’s true and telling the truth. 

Wie man Storytelling z.B. in Kurzvideos umsetzt

  • Simple Framework: Real Life Problem -> Real World Example/Story (als illustrierendes Beispiel) -> Solution -> Outcome

Create a list of micro stories

  • Kleine Fallbeispiele, die meine Argumente  illustrieren und untermauern. 

„The most powerful stories are usually about the simplest things.“

  • Die meisten Geschichten drehen sich irgendwie um die Phrase „And then I realised…“
  • „You know something now you didn’t know before, it made a change in your life that had some kind of effect.“
  • Storys handeln IMMER von einer Transformation. 

„Part of being who you are is earning the right to talk about and teach what you are talking about and teaching.“

Ich finde Shelli Varela wirklich gut und zugänglich und gscheit und sympathisch!