???? Steve Dotto: Show Me The Money!!!

Grey Matters Podcast #03, 28. Dezember 2018

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Steve Dotto hatte am Anfang (auch) Schwierigkeiten „finding money, figuring out how to earn money online“. „I gotta tell you, it was tough. And not just financially, but personally, as far as my self worth, doubting myself… And it even drove me into a bit of a depression.“

„The early stages of this journey can have a really devastating effect on your confidence. You have to be prepared for this.“ „It’s not a smooth transition for us all.“
„But I did one thing right: I stayed the course. I kept trying, and I kept learning. And things did turn around.“

„Show me that you can make real money in this online space. Show me that you can make money to support the family, to feed us, to house us, to keep us safe.“

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