📙 Dambisa Moyo: Dead Aid (2009)

Gut gemeint ist das Gegenteil von gut gemacht. Das gilt auch und besonders für den Großteil der Entwicklungshilfe in Afrika.

Gelesen: Oktober 2020

Viewing Africans as children

  • „Africa’s development quandary offers two routes: one in which Africans are viewed as children, unable to develop on their own or grow without being shown how or made to; and another which offers a shot at sustainable economic development – but which requires Africans be treated as adults. The trouble with the aid-dependency model is, of course, that Africa is fundamentally kept in its perpetual childlike state.“ (S. 31f)

Doing business in Africa

  • „Doing business in Africa is a nightmare. […] In Cameroon, it takes an investor who seeks a business licence on average 426 days (that is almost a year and three months) to perform fifteen procedures; […] What entrepreneur starting a business in Angola wants to spend 119 days filling out forms to complete twelve procedures?“ (S. 100)
  • „Investors don’t know where to go, or who to ask.“ (S. 100)

Mikrokredit – Kiva

  • „With the advent of Kiva, a California-based interface, pretty much anyone sitting anywhere with a keyboard can lend money to anyone across the planet. […] A wonderful innovation – get involved.“ (S. 130)